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Publications & Advocacy

On behalf of our members, the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) co-ordinates national projects, advocates on national issues and partners with key stakeholders, with interests in influencing policy and practice in business education and research at Australian universities.  Below are ebooks, opinion pieces, recent submissions, media releases, project reports and papers.


Changes to ABDC Journal List Review Announced

ABDC announces the recommendations to be applied to next year’s review of the ABDC Journal Quality List

ABDC opinion piece in The Australian argues against Tehan ARC grants proposal

Federal Education Minister Tehan's ARC grants proposal should make taxpayers more, rather than less, concerned about the future of Australian research

Business Deans Rebuke Government Interference in Grant Funding

The Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) joins peak academic bodies in expressing strong concern over revelations that former Federal Education Minister Birmingham vetoed 11 applications, which the Australian Research Council had recommended for funding in 2017.

New ABDC President to represent Australian business schools

Professor David Grant, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business) at Griffith University, will be the next ABDC President.

Industry leaders on what makes graduates work ready

How do employers judge a job candidate’s work readiness?

Final Report of the HEPPP-funded Indigenous Education Project


Improving Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Student Participation, Retention and Success
in Australian Business-Related Higher Education

Journal Quality List Review now being considered by ABDC

The review of the ABDC Business Journal Quality List has been submitted and is now being considered by the ABDC's Business Academic Research Directors' Network (BARDsNet).

The Impact of Demonstrating Research Impact

What can Australia learn from the UK experience of the Research Excellence Framework ?

ABDC response to HESP recommendations on professional accreditation

Submission - ABDC response to HESP Recommendations

ABDC has responded to the Higher Education Standards Panel recommendations on the impact of professional accreditation in Australian higher education and opportunities to reduce the regulatory burden on higher education providers.


If not MBAs. Then What? Are Reports of the MBA's Demise Premature?

ABDC ebook

What do business deans and the latest research say about the future of the MBA?

Improving Indigenous Participation, Retention and Success in Business Schools

Final Report of the HEPPP-funded project led by Professor Morris Altman of University of the Newcastle Business School.

Skilling Business Graduates for an Uncertain Future

What are the skills needed for the future of work? How are business schools and business education educating graduates for what lies ahead?

Is Management Now an Age-Old Problem?

Professor Marie Wilson on managing workforces aged 19 to 79 in a business world of increasing age diversity.


Let's Stop Ignoring How Teaching Impacts Our Future Leaders

ABDC Research Scholar, Professor Stephen Taylor, on the need to include teaching and other business school activities in national measures of impact and engagement.

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