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Innovation in Business Education

Innovation tag cloudOne of ABDC’s strategic priorities for the 2013-16 period is to promote excellence and innovation in business education and research.  We will do this initially and foremost by:

  1. Supporting a network of pro vice-chancellors, executive deans and heads of business faculties and schools to provide excellence in business education and research leadership.
  2. Supporting their senior managers through three networks for research (BARDsNet), teaching and learning and international.
  3. Facilitating information sharing, promotion and dissemination of best practice in business experimental learning and research leadership across members and networks.

Key current ABDC initiatives, which support members to drive improvements across business education are:

  • Maintaining and regularly reviewing the ABDC Journal Quality List.
  • Concluding the Future of Management Education initiative and its associated Innovative Practice Trials.
  • Re-appointment of the ABDC Scholar in 2014 to assist members in meeting national higher education standards efficiently and effectively through the further development and external benchmarking of academic standards for business disciplines.

In the 2014-16 period, we will continue to support the above initiatives and also:

  • Further develop our mentoring program for new deans. 
  • Undertake research to assess and promote the economic impact of business schools to the Australian community.
  • Further develop our intelligence gathering capacity including an online teaching resource portal for information sharing across member business schools.
  • Further explore and disseminate best practice in integrated online teaching delivery of business education.