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Future of Management Education

Future of Management Education Report

"There is a clear need for innovative management education practices that use experiential learning opportunities to ensure the next cohorts of business managers can operate in a contemporary, dynamic and complex business environment" 

(Professor Michael Powell, ABDC President)

In 2012, the Future of Management Education initiative was devised by the ABDC, supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry.  This initiative was not only in response to a growing consensus that management education needed to recalibrate in line with a changing and challenging business environment, but was set in the context of concerns about Australia's performance in productivity and innovation

This 18 month initiative has produced a scoping paper, held consultative forums with business and community, and run three Innovative Practice Trials (IPTs) at business schools around Australia. These IPTs brought in business as partners, 'clients' and advisers and involved experience-based as opposed to conceptual learning.

Executive Dean at UTS Business School, Professor Roy Green,  led this initiative, assisted by a Steering Committee of industry body and ABDC member representatives. 

Read the concluding report here.