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ABDC calls for submissions for an interim 2016 journal review

Wed, 20 Apr 2016

Leading up to the next full review of the ABDC Journal Quality List (due to begin in the next 12-18 months), the ABDC has authorised an interim review that has a very narrow focus built around four tightly defined scenarios:

  1. Inclusion of new business-relevant journals – journals newly created since 1 January 2011;
  2. Removal of very low quality journals – e.g. deemed to be “predatory open access” journals;
  3. Switching FoR assignment of a journal; or
  4. Correction of factual errors in the ABDC database – e.g. incorrect journal title, incorrect web address.

We are currently calling for submissions via custom-designed ABDC web portal. Submissions close COB 30 May 2016.

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