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ABDC supports well-resourced, collaborative and industry-relevant research policy

Mon, 21 Sep 2015

In our response to the Review of Research Policy and Funding Arrangements - Issues Paper, ABDC welcomes firstly, the need to focus research funding and policy on excellence; and secondly, the desire to see a greater degree of industry and university collaboration.

ABDC is concerned not just with research policy and funding arrangements of business schools, but also the ability of Australian businesses to pursue innovation, increased productivity and growth within Australia and internationally. To that end we believe research policy and funding that enables innovative, well-resourced and diverse business research is vital for Australia’s future prosperity and capacity to see industry-relevant research, increased productivity and commercialisation.

Any changes to research or funding policy arrangements should ensure: research quality is foremost; that research is fully funded; that wider industry incentives and policy strengthens mutually advantageous university industry collaboration; that research which boosts economic prosperity, commercialisation or productivity is a national priority; and finally that changes are made with careful consideration. Australian business schools recommend that a review of research policy and funding arrangements begins with a clear definition of “research” and “research excellence”. Including one will help ensure that our research policy meets both academic and industry needs and would also recognise the diverse and sometimes conflicting requirements of academic and industry research and the need to address both.

See submission.

Department of Education and Training Review of Research Policy and Funding - Sept 2015


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