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Incentives needed to promote natural collaboration between universities and industry

Sun, 30 Nov 2014

In our response to the Department of Education’s discussion paper on ‘boosting the commercial returns from research’, ABDC recommends initiatives encouraging:

  • A continued strong investment in research that is academically excellent, while also addressing industry concerns in an economically meaningful manner.
  • Removal of identified barriers and introduction of incentives that promote natural collaboration between universities and industry.
  • A focus on long-term solutions encouraging a better understanding of industry needs amongst academic researchers e.g. industry-linked doctoral training, industry scholar and CRC programs.
  • A broader research perspective including the adoption and modification of existing innovations that achieve important productivity increases e.g. improvements in business models, systems, processes and practices .
  • Inclusion of research and innovation in service delivery - in particular recognition of financial services as an area of comparative advantage and a national research priority for Australia.
  • Recognition that commercialisation requires advanced capabilities in a range of business disciplines (including research into improving these capabilities and the subsequent dissemination of this research).
  • A broad and flexible approach to benchmarking and measuring commercialisation, recognising the differences between industry and academic research needs and time-frames. 

Department of Education and Training Consultation on Boosting Commercial Returns from Research - Nov 2014


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