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HEPPP needs systemic, consistent approach and predictable funding

Wed, 14 Sep 2016

In its response to the Department of Education and Training’s consultation, ABDC said that Government policy and funded initiatives, like HEPPP, are critical to improving the access and participation of disadvantaged groups.

ABDC recommends that future HEPPP-type initiatives and funding include:

A long-term, consistent, systemic approach with predictable funding. Embedding impactful social change requires a holistic, committed, systemic approach rather than short-term initiatives. It takes time to shift long-standing and deep social, cultural and economic barriers to access, participation and retention in higher education. A longer-term approach enables better effective stakeholder engagement, resourcing and establishment of clear pathways to close the gap from school into higher education and on into the workforce.

Rigorous evaluation, sharing of best practice and building on effective initiatives. A longer-term focus enables better evaluation, ongoing refinement of initiatives and demonstration of long-term, sustainable impact on key stakeholders. Sharing of best practice is crucial to maximising learnings, minimising duplication of effort and ensuring that knowledge and experience is shared across disciplines, sectors, focus areas and stakeholders. It is also imperative to identify and strengthen initiatives shown to yield positive results. 

To view our full submission, see link below.

Higher Education the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) Review - Sept 2016


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